(Shataku (Company Housing))
Row upon row of tall, rectangular buildings line newly repaired streets. The living quarters were among the first projects the Yasutsuna Corp invested in, as many members of the Tanegashima Fleet craved a home that was not a ship. Thus, huge structures stretch for kilometers, built from reclaimed regocrete and imported metal and stone. In some places, the construction is still ongoing.
The residential quarters of the station are broken up into two groups: the buildings of those who inhabit the actual apartments, houses, and condo-quarters on the station, and the ships of those who have docked on the station's exterior in order to stay on the vessels that they've always called home. The station itself is surrounded by starships, tethered in place or simply hovering in orbit, their silent movements a dance perfected over the many cycles the Fleet traveled together.

NPCs found in this Area

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