(East End)
The overhead lights of the station flicker here and in some places have gone completely out. Shoddy buildings, made from reclaimed regocrete, have been erected tightly next to each other, each seeming to be holding the other up. The residents of this area watch passersby with dark glances, their faces soot-covered and their hands never far from whatever pipe or metal bar they might keep on their person for protection.
A sturdy wall, guarded closely by well-armed Lionhearts, separates the East End from the rest of the station. Those who would not join the Lionhearts or agree to their leadership, have been pressed back into these older sections of the station. Residents of East End are allowed out of their zone only by permission. A hovercraft arrives once a day piled with rations and water, though some of the residents of the slums proudly decline, seemingly able to sustain themselves in other ways. The many groups who fought each other before the Fleet arrived splintered and reformed, joined each other and formed new groups, and fought as they could. They all crumpled before the combined might of the Lionhearts and the weaponry and power of the Tanegashima Elite Forces. Beyond the wall, some of the groups have settled close to the divider, but some have gone deep, almost impossibly deep, into the bowels of the asteroid.

NPCs found in this Area

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