Shipping Bay

(Yasutsuna Kaiun)
Visitors to the station are directed around the shipping bay area, out of the way of the constant stream of hoversleds, piled high with boxes and goods. A huge crane dips down into the cargo hold of an enormous freighter, its sides painted with the letters “GCC,” and emerges with its claws full of long metal I-beams.
The shipping bay is busy at all hours of the day, with deliveries of materials arriving to be used in the reconstruction of the station and merchants with their goods, headed for the blooming marketplace. Here, a woman directs a bot to lift a stack of boxes marked “100% fat-free biomeats” onto a sled, while there, a team of Galway Consolidated Constructions workers supervise the arrival of crates full of tools and materials. Under the fresh paint, the hints of scorch marks and scars from some battle now passed can still be made out.
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