A set of old converted offices, the station’s prison is for punishment, not rehabilitation. While relatively clean, it’s overcrowded and the privately hired guards are apathetic. Director Albin, a determined but quiet man, is seemingly there at all times, trying to maintain the prison and improve conditions, but the guards rarely listen.
Clairvaux was originally part of an old set of administrative offices established long before the Catastrophe when the station was controlled by the Consortium and known as the Amethyst. While not as luxurious as the rest of the station, life here could still be pleasant were it not an overcrowded prison. To maintain control, all prisoners wear tracking collars on their neck. If a fight breaks out, or if someone attempts to tamper with a collar, the collar injects responsible parties with endomorphin-13, a powerful opioid neurotransmitter that calms the patient and makes them very drowsy. Prisoners are known to pry at their collars when they can’t sleep, hoping for an injection. Generally, prison staff look the other way when this occurs.

NPCs found in this Area

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