Hotel Rooms

(L’Hôtel de Jeanne d’Arc)
Given the luxury background of The Maid, the Hôtel de Jeanne d’Arc is sumptuously appointed, though the signs of deprivation reach even here. Most of the hotel rooms have separate bedrooms, a kitchenette, worn faux-silk sheets on the beds, and are guaranteed to be free of interior security cameras. A Gaule officer stands behind the registration desk, ready to assist the receptionist, or simply note who is checking in or out.
Given the squalor that most people live in today, it’s hard to imagine anything more comfortable than the hotel rooms on The Maid. The beds are neurological memory foam which notes how comfortable you are and adjusts itself accordingly … when it works. The kitchenette offers a variety of soy-based and fungus-based sauces to improve the flavor of rations, and the water tastes curiously chemical-free.Rose-tinted diamond windows overlook a large park. Though the ponds in the park are now empty, the plants are flourishing and children are playing everywhere. Gaule soldiers stand discreetly at the entrances to the park, keeping a watchful eye on all.

NPCs found in this Area

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