Known simply as “L’Auberge,” the local inn is a comfortable gathering spot for locals and tourists alike. Tables are arranged out front to let patrons sit and “people watch” while enjoying a quick drink, and more discreet booths are available inside for those seeking privacy. The efficient staff all wear black trousers and white shirts, with a neat black apron over the front. A Harsene security officer wearing military insignia on his collar hovers discreetly in the background.
L’Auberge is run by Gregor O’Connor, a man closely watched by Gaule security due to his support for returning the The Maid to Consortium control. He bitterly resents having mandatory Gaule security on the premises, though he and the officers themselves generally get along rather well. Gregor is a Colonist, his short stature putting him at odds with his tall Belter wife, Cybil. Together the two of them and their employees run a tight ship, serving all with a smile.

NPCs found in this Area

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