Local Shuttles

(The Metro)
The name “The Metro” is a long-running joke referring to the local shuttle bay by the name of an ancient underground tram system on Earth. Due to the luxury of the station, many traveled to The Maid in private ships, leaving The Metro to be used mostly by service staff. Unlike the rest of the station, it’s a bit dingy and run down, and some of the dark side corridors smell of cheap alcohol and urine. It’s not a place to hang around in.
The Metro, like all local shuttle services, runs on software that is very efficient, ensuring timely arrival and departures of all shuttles. That’s where the efficiency ends. Despite The Maid being a tourist destination, the Gaule are not terribly interested in making The Metro too inviting at the present time. They have other things to worry about and the heavy influx of tourists makes it even easier for those of bad intent to arrive. Like much of The Maid, there’s a heavy military presence here.
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