(Salon de Thé)
The outside of the Salon de Thé has rows of red and white chairs behind round tables; patrons resting at them and watching the crowds walk by. The interior has high ceilings, with strangely ornate golden fabric wallpaper (torn here and there) and hand-drawn art set into the broken walls. Here the tables are larger and separated by physical and electronic privacy screens.
While the outside of the Salon de Thé seems dedicated to relaxation and people-watching, the interior is quieter, with guests talking in quiet, animated conversations punctuated with strong hand gestures and the occasional argument. Some people have civilian clothes, but with military insignia on the collars. These guests are usually scanning the other crowds, and sometimes whispering to each other, with quick nods to other tables. There is a palpable air of impending decisions, as patrons glance quickly at the soldiers before resuming their conversations.

NPCs found in this Area

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