(The Maiden’s Market)
The market is a large, open hall with many stalls organized in neat rows. The salespeople are impeccably dressed and the market stalls appear permanent, not the hastily thrown together structures visible on many stations.
Hawkers yell out to the crowd, trying to attract customers, with weapons and armor on one side of the hall, and food and medical items on the other. One stall, with what appears to be real ice, offers fresh, vat-grown fish. Another stall offers a variety of heavily engineered fungal products promising “real meat flavor” flavor, but at a fraction of the price. Tucked away in the corner is a stall with heavy security out front, guarding a variety of pre-Catastrophe rarities, the centerpiece of which is a paperback book.Despite the air of wealth of security, there is a heavy, yet discreet military presence here, often remaining at the back of dark gaps between the stalls. Looking further reveals that some people seem more intent on listening to conversations than browsing the wares. Occasionally a political flyer hits the floor, obviously arguing for which affiliation should control The Maid, but security quickly steps in to pick up the flyers before you can read one. Not, of course, that it matters; it’s clear that openly reading one of those flyers would bring unwanted attention.
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