(Gate to the Heavens)
The spaceport of The Maid is a chaotic affair, with a luxury shipyard and private docks next to run-down public shuttles and a shipping bay. The private docks might have a limited capacity as several of the airlocks to them appear somewhat crumpled, with large plates welded over others. Brushed steel walls and white counters with rounded edges line one side of the entrance, with automated ticket terminals, some of which are out of order, posted at the entrance to the various local shuttle bays. As with the rest of the station, the Gaule military presence is heavy here.
It’s easy to see the “haves” and the “have nots” in the Gate to the Heavens. Private docks and the shipyard have round-the-clock human attendants waiting to assist those with money, while the heavily armed security patrols walk past the ticket terminals and the shipping bay. But even on the “posh” side of the port, there’s the odd sign out of service, or service counters still bearing some of the damage from the Catastrophe.

NPCs found in this Area

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