(BlomVoss Ship Construction)
Even after the Catastrophe, the name “BlomVoss” is synonymous with quality, and any ships with the BV mark are highly prized. The Maid’s shipyards reflect this. Though they’ve been retrofitted to meet military needs and thus accommodate larger ships, the shipyard clearly has high-quality tools which don’t show much evidence of damage from the Catastrophe.
The military retrofit is clearly evident in the BlomVoss Ship Construction facility. There are new weapons management systems and advanced drive units, along with some sections of the facility which have been hastily partitioned from view. Due to the needs of civilians also having their ships serviced here, the Gaule can’t ban non-military from this area, but they are clearly unhappy with the security concerns of maintaining military vessels in what is primarily a civilian facility. BlomVoss employees can be heard arguing with soldiers regarding construction priorities and heavily armed patrols are constantly on the lookout for trouble.One wall of the facility has a large Gaule banner hanging down from a single cable. The banner was clearly intended to hide the words “The Amethyst will shine again,” which have been burned into the wall.

NPCs found in this Area

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