(Little Earth Penitentiary)
Styled like an old-Earth prison, Little Earth Penitentiary consists of several long hallways with a polished concrete floor and rows of barred metal cells. Inmates here are rare due to the strict crime laws on the station, but every once in a while a cell will be filled with a sad-eyed man or woman. Each cell is equipped with a physical lock and key. Bright white fluorescent lights hang grimly from the ceiling and guards in tightly laced, tall black boots patrol the halls.
The few cells which are filled are usually inhabited by travelers who were not appropriately warned about the strict laws upheld on this station. Security forces go easier on travelers than their own. It is a grave sight when a member of the Roswell Division is being held in the brig because it can only mean one thing: they were accused of a Crime Against Community. Once accused of a Crime Against Community, offenders are very rarely found to be innocent during their trial.

Crimes Against Community include stealing, cheating, insults, reclusiveness, unfriendliness to neighbors, not lending a helping hand when able, any form of physical violence, avoiding the Greater Good tax and speaking out against The Mayor among other things.

Those convicted of Crimes Against Community are banished to Nowhereville, denied access to housing and amenities, and shunned by friends and family.
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