(Long Life Industries)
The cloning facilities are fashioned in an anachronistic 1940s style. The clone vats have misty-looking tinted glass which makes the clones within very difficult to see. The storefront of Long Life Industries appears to outwardly resemble an ancient Earth apothecary and is rather coy about its true function as a cloning facility.
While cloning is not illegal here, it is frowned upon and to be avoided if possible. Regular citizens are discouraged from participating in cloning, but high ranking officials like The Mayor are rumored to have multiple premium grade clones at the ready.
Due to largely kindred stances on cloning, the Roswell Division is loosely allied with the Promethean Sect and oftentimes the members of both groups intersect. The Roswell Division has also been known to sometimes receive large donations from Daedalus station in Sol and maintains close ideological and political ties with them.

NPCs found in this Area

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