The Paper Mill

(The Paper Mill)
A tall, foreboding building which many workers stream in and out of each day. It's here where much of the scrap plastics from Nowhereville cheaply bought from the "No Ones" banished there are turned into Little Earth's special brand of faux "paper". The plastics brought in by the No Ones are melted and warped and stretched into thin sheets of paper-like material. Workers stream in and out of the factory daily; the Mayor thinks automation is the enemy of community and so automates as little as possible, leaving many jobs for workers.
While much of the economy of Little Earth is funded by a large "Greater Good" tax laid upon its people, as well as frequent donations from the Promethean Sect, they also earn supplementary funds through the export of faux-paper out to other stations. They closely guard the exact process by which they spin old plastics into paper-like materials, and at the moment they are the only manufacturer in existence and so the sole supplier of "paper" in the galaxy.

NPCs found in this Area

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