Gov't Center

(City Hall )
While L 726-8 Jump Gate uses a communist system of government, their leader is a round, jolly man whom they all call “The Mayor.” The Mayor works at City Hall, but his visage can be spotted all over the station on “inspirational” propaganda posters. Office workers busily toil away on typewriters in rows of faux-wood desks. The “paper” in the typewriters is a special type of material made out of thinly stretched plastic fibers only produced on L 726-8 Jump Gate. The Roswell Division uses this faux-paper as a cheap alternative to the real thing as they prefer it to data pads and more advanced technologies.
Very few people know The Mayor’s real name, and it’s no secret that his true role is less municipal Mayor and more Cult Leader. The Mayor holds absolute power over the people of Little Earth but minimally interferes with travelers passing through the station. Propaganda posters with painted, pink-cheeked portraits of the Mayor decorate the walls of City Hall with slogans like “Smile, The Mayor is Watching!”

NPCs found in this Area

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