(Venus Diner )
The Venus Diner sports bright red plastic benches and salmon pink tiled walls. They serve the regular selection of drinks as well as mushroom-milk milkshakes, faux-meat burgers, and a variety of bubbly sugar sodas. Ancient earth music warbles from speakers installed in the ceiling and walls which instills a manufactured sense of calm.
People come here and sit at big, round tables with their friends to chat and eat. Girls wear thick pink bows in their hair and men wear baby blue polo shirts. If a traveler means to fit in, it would be a good idea to pick up matching clothes from a vendor in the market, as off-stationers stick out like sore thumbs here. Everyone is always smiling. Propaganda posters of The Mayor merrily sipping a strawberry shake leer at patrons from the walls. Their slogans say things like, “Nothing Sweeter Than Community!”
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