Sprawled across the wall of the Port, greeting all new visitors, is a massive portrait of the pink-cheeked Mayor. His bushy mustache curls in delight, his arms are outstretched, and his eyes sparkle jovially. Beneath his image, the blocky text reads, “Welcome visitors to Little Earth! Enjoy Your Stay, and Remember to Smile: The Mayor is Watching!” Representatives of the Roswell Division greet visitors on a personal level as they enter the Port and pitch the cult’s way of life.
Due to the close proximity to UV Ceti and its sister star, the Port sports a force field around the Port itself and any ships docked there. The Port, and indeed the entire hull of the station, is built out of durable, reinforced materials which act as backup protection in case of force field malfunctions.
Flare damage is rare on L 726-8 Jump Gate, as it is situated far enough away to avoid major damage unless there is a particularly huge flare on a given day. The force fields and hull plating are merely precautions which rarely see much use. Other than that, the Port is fairly unremarkable in its design. The Docks, Shipping bay, Interstellar Shuttles and Local Shuttles are all clearly marked and easily accessible provided you’re ready to navigate past several insistent people trying to recruit you to a cult.

NPCs found in this Area

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