(The Township of Little Earth)
The Residential sector of L 726-8 Jump Gate is rebuilt to unnervingly resemble late 1940s Era Earth. It’s a winding, labyrinth-like cul-de-sac populated with blocky red brick houses and white picket fences. People dress in cleanly pressed ancient Earth garb, with men in dark pressed suits and women in colorful knee-length dresses and high heels.
As you walk through Little Earth people smile at you with vacant, thinly stretched mouths while they “water” holographic gardens with empty watering cans or play with children on their lawns. Everyone here is cheerful and happy to chat, but there is a hollowness to their empty small-talk which gives the impression of a performance.
The Roswell Division has been very proactive in their housing developments. Each member of the cult is guaranteed a home as long as they uphold the Roswell way of life and do not commit any Crimes Against Community.

NPCs found in this Area

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