Nowhereville is a sweeping expanse of desecrated former high rises and research facilities. Huge broken telescopes and tools for the measure and study of solar flares lay dusty and abandoned. People who have been convicted of “Crimes Against Community” are shunned from Little Earth and relegated into Nowhereville.
The people of Little Earth treat Nowhereville and its residents with a disturbing attitude of pure non-existence. While those living in Little Earth are able to constantly see the looming, grey desolation of Nowhereville where it intersects with the edge of suburbia, they rarely acknowledge that it’s there at all. When disgraced members of the Roswell Division attempt to return to Little Earth to plead for their lives back, residents — including family, friends and spouses — are trained to ignore them until they can be safely extracted back to the Nowhereville by The Mayor’s officials.

NPCs found in this Area

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