The Wrecks

(The Wrecks)
The Wrecks of Nowhereville are made up of mostly research facilities. Pickings here for scavengers are quite plentiful since residents of Little Earth are strongly discouraged from going to Nowhereville and travelers don’t stay long.
The culture of Little Earth and the Roswell Division in general is one which rejects modern technology. As they are more concerned with re-creating the 1940s as accurately as possible, they have no interest in revitalizing lost tech, especially the specialized equipment for studying flares found in the Wrecks.
The only people here are the residents of Nowhereville, who spend their days feverishly searching for items of value to trade with merchants for food. The people of Nowhereville aren’t allowed to attend the regular market and rely on daily visits from merchants looking for tech and interesting artifacts which they exchange for food and water. Be wary of Nowherevillians while scavenging here, these items could be the difference between starvation and survival for many of them.

NPCs found in this Area

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