(Tianjin Taproom)
Tianjin Taproom is clearly aiming for a classy feel, with basalt slab table-tops, soft lighting effects, and numerous secluded private booths. Up close however, it’s a little grimier than the manager would care to admit.
The Bar on Spirit of Tianjin is a lively place. Look around and you’ll notice many occupants wearing the color-coded adornments which indicate the nature of their Carnival involvement. Self-satisfied Patrons with gold bracelets regale each other with stories of recent scenarios over tequila. Tired Actors and Dummies wear green and red collars respectively, marking the end of a shift with a stiff drink.

Others are simply regular visitors to the station with a voyeuristic motive, taking no active role in the Carnival but hoping to witness it nonetheless. They watch the mixed tables, where gold bracelet-wearers mix with those wearing green or red collars, waiting excitedly to see what strange episode might unfold next.

NPCs found in this Area

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