(Tianjin Carnival Clone Support)
Although this clone facility is open to all, the majority of its business is generated by Tianjin’s Carnival. Following expansion, the premises now features multi-level wall-mounted pods, tended to by staff on a moving raised platform. Nonetheless, a vacant pod remains a rare sight here. Such is the demand created by the Carnival Patrons’ activities.
Tianjin’s Clone facility is utterly vital for the Carnival’s operation. If, for whatever reason, it should be offline, a temporary suspension of the Carnival would have to follow. As such, it enjoys both a generous maintenance subsidy from the station as well as the services of numerous armed guards.

It’s not unusual for staff here to process clones for the same individual many times in short succession. Actors and Dummies who serve some of the Carnival’s more sadistic Patrons often find themselves passing through a few dozen clones in a single cycle. The psychological toll of such an experience is difficult to predict.

NPCs found in this Area

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