The Theater

(The Theater)
Although Carnival activities can take place almost anywhere on Tianjin, the Theater is particular focal point. A cavernous circular space with a raised, somewhat blood-stained stage, it allows for highly public Carnival activities.
The image of Tianjin is now inexorably linked to that of its Theater. Here, an elevated stage is surrounded by seating on all sides, with private viewing booths overlooking from above. Teams of harried janitors rush to complete the clean-up from yesterday’s events in time for today’s program. Many have scrubbed the gristly remnants of death-fights, punishment shows, and ‘play parties’ more times than they can remember, and console themselves with a reminder that all those legitimately killed in Carnival activities have clone back-ups. Nonetheless, they still struggle to conceal the shock and disgust on their faces as they go about their work.

NPCs found in this Area

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