(Tianjin Imports)
Tianjin imports key consumables, but has little demand for industrial metals and complex chemicals. Its Docks handle Synthehol deliveries far more often than iron ore or platinum group metals.
Whilst indulging in Tianjin’s Carnival, Patrons also expect to be offered high-end consumables and surprising gastronomic items. It’s also not uncommon for Patrons to pursue scenarios in which Actors or Dummies are forced to eat all sorts of unpalatable things. As a result, Tianjin’s imports can be diverse: from high-grade tequila and hydro-grown real fruit, to hallucinogenic fungus from Moissan alongside poisons and toxins from the labs of YZ Ceti system.

Some degree of stockpiling is always undertaken here, enabling the station to survive the short travel lockdowns which accompany a major flaring event on UV Ceti. Rarely lasting longer than a day or two, the station’s supplies are usually sufficient to avoid disruption. Despite this, lockdowns remain stressful for many in the system.
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