Gov't Center

(Spirit of Tianjin Governance & Oversight)
A slick, glass-fronted building incorporated skillfully into the surrounding rock, Tianjin’s Governance and Oversight center provides a reminder of the Station Governor’s personal wealth. As well as the usual administrative services, the center also handles licensing for Carnival activities, evaluating applications for new Patrons.
The station’s Government Center has been imaginatively worked from existing tunnels and openings in the Basalt formation deep within the original asteroid base. Of moderate size, it resembles a porous rock whose openings are covered with hexagonal glass panels.

Inside, more than half of the Spirit’s Governance and Oversight Center is given over to Carnival licensing and supervision activities. It’s here that new Patrons come to demonstrate proof of funds and pay their license fees. Many find it odd that the debauchery which happens here should have such a mundane and bureaucratic basis.
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