(Tianjin Employment Mart)
Split across two levels, the Employment Mart offers conventional station roles on the lower deck, and Carnival opportunities on the higher one. Many of those ascending the stairs to the latter have a nervous look in their eyes.
There’s always work on Tianjin for those who want it, thanks mostly to the revenues generated by its lucrative Carnival. But job seekers face a tough decision: pursue a lucrative role as a Carnival participant or a more menial and lesser-paid one, as a station support worker.

For those seeking Carnival roles, info posters explain the two different participant roles available: ‘Actor’ and ‘Dummy’, with clear stipulations on what Patrons can expect from you in either case. Actors, wearing green collars, engage exclusively in the service of a single, pre-specified Patron – while red-collared Dummies have consented to be used by any Patron at any time, and should expect to find themselves the subject of ‘spontaneous and often-improvised scenarios.’

NPCs found in this Area

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