Local Shuttles

(Tianjin Shuttle Depot)
With only three stations in the system, the arrivals and departures board is not overly active here. Most traffic comes via the Jump Gate as voyeuristic visitors, desperate wannabe Actors, and cash-rich Patrons all travel from distant systems to experience Tianjin’s Carnival in their own way.

Electronic info boards scroll with updates of UV Ceti’s flaring activity, forecasting the likelihood that the star’s activity will cause travel disruption for the coming tenspan. Brief lockdowns, when travel in the system halts entirely, appear to be an infrequent but not insignificant problem.
For those with experience of other stations, the Local Shuttles terminal here is a strange sight indeed. Security checks for those coming into the station are almost laughably permissive regarding the items visitors can bring; although many items appear designed for pain rather than mirth.

Large info boards dispel common preconceptions about the Carnival for first time arrivals. No; the corridors aren’t endlessly full of blood and murder – although, on occasion, it happens. Yes; there really is no limit to what Patrons can do to Actors and Dummies. No; not everyone on the station is a participant. Many are simple support workers who mop up after the Patrons have had their fun. But no info poster can fully prepare first-time visitors for some of the things they’ll experience here, whatever the level of their involvement.

NPCs found in this Area

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