(Red Sisters Saloon)
Resembling a bizarre furniture shop, the Saloon offers a mind-boggling array of unusual seating options, some of which feature straps and moving implements. Curved screens divide the seating area into a number of more private spaces, many of which are used by exhibitionist Patrons for semi-public Carnival activities. Don’t look too closely if you’re of faint heart.
Named after the system’s pair of Red Dwarf stars, the Red Sisters Saloon tends to be less crowded than the nearby Bar. Ordinary residents sometimes use the space to relax between shifts, read a few chapters of the latest serial on their pocket slates or simply enjoy a moment away from the hustle and bustle elsewhere. But the serenity is always fleeting. Sooner or later, a Patron is likely to show up, with some form of debauchery following in the private booths shortly after.
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