(Tianjin Port Complex)
Tianjin’s mid-sized Port is a well-run facility, with a number of protruding external docking ports for both passenger and cargo vessels. It’s not uncommon for the high-end private vessels of wealthy tycoons to dock here while their owners patronize the Carnival.

Prominent notices about UV Ceti’s violent flaring are placed throughout most corridors, warning that few ships have hulls capable of withstanding the radiation emitted during such events. One reads: “A flare-wise Captain postpones non-essential journeys!” Further down, another warns: “Tianjin’s hull is DESIGNED for extreme flare events; your ship’s hull isn’t. Follow safety guidance!”
A huge central plaza marks the central hub of the station’s Port, with most users passing at some point through it whilst going about their business. Smartly-dressed attendants hover, always at hand to welcome returning Patrons.

Those hoping to earn a salary as their playthings also pass through; many with remarkable physical features which they hope will catch a wealthy Patron’s eye. Cosmetic augmentations are very much the norm, with a seemingly limitless variety on show, designed to tease Patrons with the promise of a new thrill.

Those interested in the full extent of Tianjin’s radiation-shielded hull can enjoy a closer inspection of the Port’s main hangar airlock doors. These 5 meter-thick, lead-composite doors truly are a sight to behold. Indicative of Tianjin’s robust construction, they reassure many a visitor not to fear UV Ceti’s unpredictable emissions.

NPCs found in this Area

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