Tianjin’s residences are accessed by multi-level external stairways, rising on both sides of a central walkway directly under the station’s fusion tube. Electronic signs at the entrance scroll an important message: “Residences are outside of Carnival limits.”
Four levels’ worth of metal walkways have been bolted onto the rock on both sides of this gorge-like corridor, providing access to the individual residences cut into the surrounding basalt. Instead of a ceiling, the central Residence walkway is open to a section of the station’s fusion tube, flooding the space with a bright white light at all times.

In recent cycles, after a series of complaints from the Carnival’s non-participating support staff, the station’s owner and Governor, Etheel Hayes acquiesced to make this a safe zone, off-limits to Carnival patrons. Carnival Actors and Dummies now have a sanctuary to retreat to after a long shift servicing the desires of their Patrons.

NPCs found in this Area

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