(Tianjin Security Services)
Visitors to Tianjin Security Services will find its reception area orderly and well-run. Behind it, through a large glass wall, a well-staffed open-plan office is visible. Inside it, uniforms are crisply ironed and desk slates brand new; proof that Tianjin’s private Security force is generously funded by the station’s owner, Etheel Hayes.

A staircase from reception leads to the upper floor; home to the station’s private security contractors and bodyguard firms. Due to the affluent nature of the Carnival’s Patrons, many choose to hire private bodyguards here for extra peace of mind. These offices see a brisk trade.
While the Carnival is highly permissive, its limits must constantly be enforced by the vigilant policing of Tianjin’s well-funded Security force. Little happens on this station without the authorities knowing about it. Here, hundreds of monitors showing various security camera feeds line the office’s back wall.

Some would be shocked by the images often shown here but Tianjin’s Security agents have long ago stripped themselves of any sensitivity to them. Their most pressing legal concern relates to whether the Patron involved has paid their license fees, and whether all affected by the Patron’s actions were consenting participants of the Carnival. If both conditions are met, then even the most bizarre and gruesome of acts unfolding on the multitude of screens will be met with a shrug of indifference by Security forces.

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