Shipping Bay

(Tianjin Haulage & Shipping)
A holographic 3D rotating star map spins over the reception desk of Tianjin Haulage and Shipping. Two queues endlessly shrink and grow in the lobby, as residents drop off and collect their items. The entrance of a green or red-collared resident is usually met with a murmur, as others contemplate the possibility of being witness to a Carnival scenario whilst running their errands.
Two automated terminals have been positioned next to electronic hatch-doors in the Shipping Bay’s back walls. A light flashes green when the next item is ready for collection. As with most of Tianjin’s station areas, a Carnival scenario could unfold in public here any segment. But in practice it rarely happens. It seems that the Shipping Bay doesn’t quite spark the Patrons’ imagination as much as other areas.
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