(Daedalus United Bank & Financial)
Awash in the phosphorus glow of florescent lighting, residents and visitors alike file into orderly lines awaiting their turn at the transaction terminals. The gentle hum of conversations swells from pockets of people, mostly Sect residents of Daedalus, who recognize each other and engage in mundane communal conversation.
The architectural style of Daedalus United Bank & Financial depicts tall standing stone statues of human individuals of all ages, fused together, with arms upstretched to form the outer walls of the lobby. Above, a large half globe seems to pierce the ceiling. The bright phosphorus florescent light is made to mimic a large star and illuminates the whole of the building while smaller twinkling lights offer deep reverence to space beyond.While the majority of the staff are clearly Dead Eyes, a handful of Consortium bank officials fill administrative roles. Even here, illustrated affirmations touting the Promethean way of life are everywhere. The bank functions as most banks do but boasts a healthy flow of import / export capitol and tax due to the Phosphorus Processing Plant, P15. Daedalus United Bank & Financial stands as a testament to the economic power found on Daedalus with the Promethean control of P15.

NPCs found in this Area

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