(Daedalus Brig)
Heavily populated with The Promethean Sect station guards, the Brig of Daedalus appears to have very few people presently in the holding cells. Of those detained, fewer yet appear to be Dead Eyes.
The Promethean Sect employs their own security force through the Peerage, and those security officers are control the local brig operations on Daedalus.It has been suggested by both travelers and dwellers of the Ruins alike that the Peerage portion of the Daedalus Security force has a tendency to offer leniency to any offender who's a member of Promethean faith and community. Unfair treatment of those not of the Promethean practice has been whispered; one would do well to avoid finding the truth through experience. Resistant fighters from The Ruins and the occasional clone are more likely to be registered as incarcerated than a member of The Promethean Sect. Whether that is based on statistics of crime, or station discrimination is up for debate.

NPCs found in this Area

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