Plant P-15

(Daedalus Phosphorus Processing Plant, P-15)
Not only a structure of economic stability and industry, but a Promethean sacred site as well, the phosphorus plant, P15, is viewed as the life-force of the current Promethean belief system; that place from which the Sect was granted a spiritual awakening through newfound power and clout. Pilgrims flock from the far reaches to embark on ‘The Walk of P15’ before deciding on whether or not to settle on Daedalus. Far more often than not, they convert and stay.
The powerhouse that supplies Daedalus and The Promethean Sect influence and autonomy was found by The Consortium as a derelict ruin. Pre-Catastrophe Daedalus, whose true station name was lost in the tragedy, was clearly designed around the presence of the phosphorus industry as her central focus is the plant's towering structure. The Consortium found the station in ruins and rather than invest the time, energy, and finances in restoring the seemingly hopeless rebuild, they offered the Promethean Sect the station as a home in hopes of quelling the growing acts of Sect violence. To the surprise of the Consortium, enough bright minds filled the ranks on the one-time terrorists, and the phosphorus plant, known to the Sect faithful as P15, began to function and produce refined phosphorus for trade. The Consortium, never one to see a mistake as anything but an opportunity to hedge profit, celebrated the refurbishment with taxation. Random acts of stellar violence by the Sect is low and profits are up. As Minos says, “it’s a beautiful time to be alive.” The Overseer of P15 carries nearly as much reverence as Minos himself, and she is regarded as the second highest individual in the collective ‘One’.

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