Gov't Center

(The Peerage)
The home of the mysterious leader of The Promethean Sect, Minos, The Peerage building is the administrative, spiritual, and political hub of Daedalus, from which The Peerage, as an executive group, operate. The building is a mixture of life-honoring piety and financial opulence, with every effort to promote The Promethean Sect utilized.
The Peerage building is the administrative hub of Daedalus and houses the public-face campaign of ‘The New Prometheus Sect’; the illusion of a kinder, gentler, more ethical movement of humanity. Pity the sinner is the predominant mask over the face of the base hatred The Sect harbors toward clones. In The Peerage, that mask, or campaign is the thickest. Even the Promethean members therein, while employed by this political action arm of the Sect, are known as The Peerage. The building serves as a church of sorts; a holy place within the Sect’s most holy place. Daedalus and is guided, controlled, and governed by the enigmatic and charismatic Minos. Minos is both a title and a name and is inherited through acts of great prophesy and collective spiritual divination by ranking members of The Peerage. The current Minos is far more private and secretive than his predecessors and often locks himself away high in his tower above The Peerage Building. Ever seeking solitude, The Promethean Sect celebrate Minos’ privacy as the actions of a deeply pious leader, while both the Consortium and Gaule have begun to suspect that the mysterious leader may be plotting nefarious acts to foster Promethean dominance.

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