(1-Up Inn)
1-Up is dimly lit with small green, hand sized and shaped lights featured at the center of each table, open, as if grabbing or reaching. Like-colored lights hover above the bar and along the walls. The bartender tends the bar with brisk movements, a banner behind him proclaims: "One Life or None at all."
Aside from the port, The 1-Up Inn boasts the highest concentration of visitors to Daedalus. Here, food, drink, and lodging may be purchased while one takes in an array of quiet tales of the unusual station. Many guests that are unfamiliar with The Promethean Sect are often uncomfortable with the Dead Eyes, and claim to be under the impression of always being watched. Yet, those too who come to convert to the Sect arrive in need of lodging and find a hospitable welcome in the Inn. As such, stays in 1-Up, and thus on Daedalus in general, are either quite short or for life.

NPCs found in this Area

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