The busy port of Daedalus welcomes economic trade, pilgrims, and common visitors (in that order) and all is closely observed by the eyes of the Promethean Sect.
The observation portals are high and only visible by the Promethean officials employed for space traffic who operate from an elevated platform control booth. Flanked aside both entry walls to the docking port are tall statues of men and women with arms outstretched toward the flow of shuttles and ships, as if welcoming.Most often hosting the arrival of Promethean Sect pilgrims to Daedalus, the Port is also an area that thrives on economic movement. Due to the industrial plant of P15, Daedalus exports a massive amount of processed phosphorus to the far reaches of charted space in exchange for imported goods and services. Visitors who are neither pilgrims nor shipping-trade workers are a rarity, but do occur, and are rumored to be watched closely on their visit. Peppered among the chaos of movement are various followers of the Promethean Sect; residents who study the comings and goings of the port with every intent to report their findings to The Peerage.

NPCs found in this Area

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