(Residential District: The Warrens)
The Residential District of Daedalus Station, known locally as The Warrens, is a neat row of efficient and tidy cylindrical pod-homes situated along a grid pattern. The walkways aisles are flanked with banners emblazoned with Promethean Tenants such as ‘One Life is All,’ ‘One Soul is We,’ and ‘One We is Us.' The residents are not only members of The Sect, but also industrious employees of the station. Visitors should be cautious to not linger, as the residents view outsiders as intruders.
A tight-knit community, residents are suspicious of any outsiders venturing into the district that houses their families and social circles. Convert acolytes to the faith are only granted a domicile through The Peerage in the Residential District once Sect employment has been secured on the station. Yet, once a new resident arrives, they are met with a warm home-coming of sorts and quickly welcomed into the Promethean fold. All active and contributing members of the Promethean Sect reside in The Warrens with the exception of their spiritual and political leader, Minos, who is housed in the penthouse suite of The Peerage.

NPCs found in this Area

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