Sick Bay

(Moemedi Clinic of Daedalus)
Patients are welcomed into the bright, active reception area by a cheerful receptionist. The wait is short in this efficient and pleasant hub on Daedalus station. Here, no matter who comes, medical care will always be provided.
Moemedi Medical is present and supplies a high volume of mods to Daedalus, specifically The Peerage. As their services are indispensable to Daedalus, most of the Moemedi Medical staff are given the luxury of speaking a little more freely about the absurd need to continuously patch up failing bodies in a strict anti-clone population, yet not too freely. The prevalence of the Sect belief that clones are an evil perversion of the human form provides Moemedi with no shortage of maladies to treat. The clinic is regarded as the place on Daedalus most compassionate to bodies of all ilk: be they One Life or several.

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