Mobbed by travelers, the market is filled with shoppers eager to spend a few credits while they wait for the work on their ships to finish.
København has a large and prosperous market block to go along with its busy port. Travellers and station dwellers mass around the stores and kiosks, packed nearly shoulder to shoulder as they jostle one another to see the merchants’ wares. The shopkeepers themselves struggle to deal with the constant influx of customers. Several shops have empty shelves and you can hear the owners screaming at their employees to move faster as they push to restock with fresh goods.The entire area lies in the shadow of a behemoth sized cruiser, presumably a bygone of the Catastrophe that came to crash down and lie at a titled angle above the market. Lights and power cables, some attached to speakers through which various stall owners loudly hawk their wares, can be seen hanging off it as the denizens below adapted the giant vessel to their situation.

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