(Port of Nouveau Limoges)
Almost more of an art gallery than a center of travel, the port of Nouveau Limoges is decorated with an extensive collection of paintings and sculptures. Welcome brochures proclaim the port to be “The gem of the star lanes!”
Decorated end to end with all manner of sculptures and artistic installations, almost every inch of free space in the area has been filled with displays dedicated to travel and space. Glorious images of the cosmos stretch across the walls and ceilings, painted with such skill that a traveler could spend ages gazing at all the star maps, constellations, and celestial bodies. Alongside these are huge sculptures of starships that an untrained eye might even mistake for the real thing. The dockworkers are not enamored of the clutter in their path and they shout at gawkers to move out of their way as they thread cargo through the maze of artworks, leaving chipped corners and jarred displays in their wake.
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