(Emile Galle Batiment)
The centrally located high-rise is a towering structure of regocrete and steel. Off-setting the somber and efficient structure are vividly colored windows across which myriad colors cascade and glimmer: a trick of texture and light. The lower levels of the building host a mural of graffiti, contributed to by a number of local artists as a testament to the unbreakable spirit of creativity that is Nouveau Limoges as a whole.
Each apartment is situated such that the windows are the unique focal points of the residential units. The grim gray of the stone provides the perfect canvas upon which these hues play. Should the passerby stop for a listen, muffled notes of music from various apartments often linger, so to does lively debate, or impassioned conversations. The foyer greets with a grand nouveau art style: long, thin beams, harsh right angles, and the richness and depth of tone of color. The building is as diverse and artistic as the denizens.
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