(Anima Foundation HQ)
Taungoo Station is home to The Anima Foundation and thus, the most state-of-the-art research cloning facility in all the systems. Honeycomb clone pods line the vat clinic and research center. Anima scientists are on near patrol, recording readings and observing the subjects.
As the sole provider of legal cloning services and technology, Anima Foundation conducts business with a clear appreciation to their level of control and power. Ever willing to extend the life experience of a customer, the Foundation is viewed as on equal footing with nearly all political persuasions, … all but the Independent Promethean Sect, with whom they share a vicious, sometimes violent philosophic rivalry. Anima Foundation touts their corporate existence as irreplaceable and has never shied from embracing a haughty arrogance in Foundation employees. The tone of the the company is reflected in their iconic motto: Ensuring your Future, Now.
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