(The Broth Base and Seishu Pub)
Sizzle and steam welcomes all who pass through the entrance into The Broth Base. Here, noodles are slurped off chop sticks while beer is savored from chilled cups. Filtered water is hard to come by at Taungoo, so boiling came naturally. Offering handouts to the local impoverished is frowned upon on Taungoo; they are seen as an embarrassment. The adjoining Pub Seishu specializes in rice wine sake, plum wines, and lively conversation. The crimson interior is offset by the glowing of honey and amber hued lights which cascade across the ceiling in waves.
Paper lamps swing slightly among smoke and steam to the rumble of the nearby Port of Taungoo. People have been known to travel across the system to participate in the growing philosophy of food as joy and The Broth Base welcomes each one. If you ask the cooks what the noodles are made of, they will offer little more than a smile and wink. Taungoo Station protects their prized noodles with zeal. Those without the cred for the delicacy are left to dine on little more than the scent on the air. At Pub Seishu, locals are welcoming to travelers, yet employees from Anima Foundation, normally in small groups, usually choose to self-segregate. They often occupy the corner booths and prefer to be catered to by the wait staff rather than suffering the apparent bother of ordering from the bar. The locals don’t seem to mind the division much.

NPCs found in this Area

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