(Taungoo Station Employment Agency)
The line is aggravated and the heat from the market boils through the vents on a shared wall. An emaciated man wipes at his cheek, away with sweat, tears, or both.
Shouts ring from the line at the employment center, “You know my father’s sister! My aunt! She said you could help me!” The sentiment of assistance by family connection seems a byproduct of the station culture of Taungoo. Most times, the clerks relent and offer work. But sometimes the pushing is too hard and people leave with less prospects than before they even went in. The walls are more worn than most of the common places on Taungoo. Notices and postings flag as claimed as quickly as they come in. The sorrowful eyes of those forgotten and abandoned; from the elderly to the young, stand in sullen awareness that the job they so desperately need may well never come.

NPCs found in this Area

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